7 Things Every Business Website Should Have

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You might be looking to build your own website through online website builder or through any web designer. But the main objective to create a website is generating more sales. There are plenty of reasons for a business or a startup to have a website.

Here are some essentials that every businessman should know about their website which helps to grow your business effectively.

1. A simple but eye-catching design

 Designing of websiteis an important part to showcase your business. Every business first impressionis based on its appearance i.e. its design. You might have a great business butan eye-catching web design can get you more potential customers. If yourwebsite is not designed properly, visitors might migrate to other competitor’swebsite. It doesn’t matter how good your content is when your design is not powerful.Visitors can only be impressed within first few seconds after visiting.

Your design has to be powerful, attractive and creative. If you are a good designer, you are good to go but if you are looking abandoning the designing parts then maybe you are wrong. Hire a good designer perhaps design is an important part of the website.


2. Content that reflects your brand

The second most important thing of a website is its content.Actually, content and designing are inter-related to each other. If your designis good but content is poor or design is poor but content is good, in both waysyou might get visitors but the bounce-rate might be increased. Your potentialcustomers might not be impressed by what they see on their visit.

Your content reflects your brand. Website content should consist of your business name, about business, products or services information. Your visitor has to believe that they have reached the right website they are looking for. Most of them don’t have much time to read so make it short and simple. To generate communication, you need to build good communications by delivering a straight forward message of your business and its products.


3. SEO Friendly

If your content and design is good, your website is in goodshape, but if you want to increase your visitors, SEO i.e. Search EngineOptimization is a much important thing. One needs to have a good knowledge ofSEO to rank well on search engine. Its basic consists of correct keywords,putting links, naming page titles and URLs, managing images and videos inwebsite.

Your SEO strategy for creating a good website includes 10high quality articles published on your blog page with every article above 1000words, Social Media Integrated, Link Building, Guest Post, Quality Content.Quality content doesn’t includes only writing skills on the website but usingsocial graphs, info graphics, image quote, media rich articles, videos (thebest). Try to build links with other pages with high domain authority.

As you starts to build links, more visitors will move towards your website and more sales with generate. Other Bloggers might link to you and your website might get featured on bigger blogs. So, it’s a step by step process – Build Authority, Connect with people of your industry and drive traffic to your website.


4. Call to Action

Many visitors leave the website because they didn’t see acall to action button around their product. If your visitor has to look forcall to action button, they are leaving your site for no proper response. You’reCall to Action button has to be on homepage, above the fold and primary focalpoint.

Call to Action button has to be in color and with attractive text or use special button. Visitors can use the button for free quote, sign up or to get coupons on products or service and much more.


5. Customer Testimonials

Honest words from others can help make your products or servicemore tangible to your potential customers visiting you online. People love tohear other people stories as they have written what you haven’t shared on yourwebsite. Technology has given us technologyhas given us the opportunity to browse through a lot of options, read about theproducts and services, and make smarter choices.

Why Testimonials are important? It builds trust among your customers, especially if you’re new to the Business. If your website has 5-6 great customer testimonials, your customers will see you as a trustworthy source. Many companies might not admit this, but 80% of sales are generated by reading reviews of customers. Peoples have trust on testimonials because they are written in plain language, they aren’t paid (most important), they just share whether they are satisfied or not with the product or service.

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6. Blog

The blog is the best way to generate traffic on your website. If you are new in business but have good knowledge of the topic then you should blog it. Your blog has to be frequently updated with fresh content and the article has to unique to your audience. Search Engines will increase you domain authority and build a loyal audience that becomes your customers in future.


7. Secure Hosting

Last but not the least is secure hosting. It is important tofind a secure and trustworthy hosting company to keep your website and contentsafe. It is like a nightmare, if your data or customers are leaked or hijackedby bad guys. Factors like website speed, load, and support are also importantbut security is the most important factor we should look on.

Shared hosting is best for low to medium traffic but iftraffic is high on website then dedicated servers are the best. Dedicatedservers provides advance security to your website and prevent sharing spacewith malicious website or spammers.


What’s your idea?

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