How to Start an Online Magazine Blog?

Due to modern digitization, peoples are migrating from paper magazine to digital magazine. This blog is about how to start an online magazine blog. Internet has given every entrepreneur an opportunity to create high quality content and express it to wide audience.

Writing is a gentleman’s hobby, one who is interested in writing magazine should defiantly turn their hobby to profession. An Online Magazine Blog is the answer to all these problems.

Here are some of the points you should consider while writing an online magazine blog…

1 Find your perfect niche.

Finding your niche is the most important part of blogging. It should be something that you know lot about and have passion about it. It is not necessary for a magazine to have a professional niche related to technology or digitalization. It can be anything that you know about or love about. Don’t try to steal ideas from other trending magazine blog, try your own ideas and put them to magazine.

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2 Check your niche in the market

After choosing a proper niche, it is important that it runs on internet too. You can detect your market by analysing your blog views per post or per day or focusing on the cons of the blog by the customers.

An Online magazine blog is not like a traditional paper magazine, you need your potential audience to come on your blog. Your first step to test the market is to invite audience through mailing list or by inviting people for guest posting. Shape your magazine in social media, remain active on social media because that’s the place where people are looking nowadays.

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3 Manage your Content

Content is the heart of any website. Readers might love your blog layout or design but it is important to have quality content in it. Every blogger should have one thing in mind that “Content is the king”. It is like a conversation between you and your audience. Every time you publish a new post, a new conversation starts between you and your audience. Try to make that conversation healthy and effective for your magazine.

If you’re writing on other topics like technology or gadgets, content might not be that much important, but if your category is related writing such as magazine, content need to be more precise. Content showcases your niche and attracts more regular visitors to your website.

4 Register your domain

It’s time to register your domain after examine your market. Two things you should focus while choosing your domain address: a catchy name and proper domain server. Your Magazine will always be remembered by its name, so it is necessary to work on the title of the magazine. Register your domain on the title you decided with proper domain server. Because at the end, you’re going to have a lot of visitors on the website.

5 Don’ forget SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a free source to increase your google ranking. People only loves the one who rank good. If you are good on your budget, hire a digital marketer.  Attracting new audience to your online magazine and converting them into regular readers can be done with the help of SEO.

Thousands of searches happen on magazine every second, but does your magazine appears on it? Of course, you can do it, but all you need to do is proper SEO on your blog. Keywords, backlinks, Social Media Marketing are some of the most important factors that can generate more visitors on your website.

6 Advertisement

Advertisement is the easiest and cheapest way to attract visitors on your magazine. Set a budget on your mind, do a proper on keyword and targeted audience and start ad campaign. This three-step process is easy for all and can be done from anywhere.

To make your magazine a successful, online presence of the website is to be maintained. Manage your ad campaign on different medias by the analysis.

7 Subscription

When your online magazine blog is running with good daily visitors, it’s time to start earning. Start subscription box on your blog. Offer them attractive subscription packages. Try distributing monthly issue of your magazine.

So, find your niche, focus the market and start your online magazine now!!!

What’s your idea?

These were my views on how to start an online magazine blog. Let us know about your thoughts in the comment section or on our social networks: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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