Everything Marketers need to know about the future in Web Design

Future of Web Design

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I hope many of you might have searched or visited some of the eldest websites of the internet. We are here to discuss the future of web design and everything that a marketer needs to know about it. The web design at that time just showcases data in a very simple manner, without any social graphic or media files. Tim Berners-Lee published the first website in 1991. Take a look at it.

w3 first website

Our Topic for discussion today is the future in this web design for marketers. As we know, in the 21st century, the only text doesn’t matter anything on a website. A proper web design is necessary for greater outcomes. For proper management of the website and to get potential customers, changes are necessary.


1. Evolution in Design

In the mid-1990s, web designers come with an idea of Graphical User Interface(GUI), which show graphic icons and images on the web page. Apple published a website in 1997. They creating web design by arranging text and graphics in tabular arrangements which become very popular due to its GUI.


apple website in 1997

By the time of 2018, UI UX designed web design becomes one of the most popular web design types. People are using such website because there are more user-friendly, mobile friendly and responsive. A popular website which showcases creative work, Behance is also a UI UX Designed website.


2. Artificial Intelligence

Yes, you read it right. Everyone is aware of what Artificial Intelligence has done since its idea has come in the mind of genius John McCarthy, who coined the term “artificial intelligence”. AI is the future of web design. It can predict the codes to be utilized, solve the problem using its algorithm and can perform tasks for the growth of the business. There is a website named The Gird, which develops AI website and doing great in such field.

AI simplifies the web designing work from designing to the content layout. AI would also help in SEO, with more data extraction and making proper content according to the keywords, trends, and analytics. It can list your website at a high medium with better high-quality customers.


3. Content Marketing/Management

Content or data is a thing which is been used by every designer since the beginning of web design. Till now and in future the era of content marketing will never die and will always attract customers towards the website. The only thing which will change is the way we deliver it to customers.

However, during the last few years, people are using visual content on their website. The content is the same but in visual style, it attracts more customers towards it, which generate more traffic and more potential customers.


4. Asymmetric Infrastructure

Mostly we use or design website which invisible grid. Straight lines are symmetrical and symmetric is pleasant. But there are sites on the internet which provide asymmetric infrastructure. Such website includes non-horizontal, overlapping layers, circular menu and much more.

Here is an example of a website of such website:

time is money


5. Responsive Design

It is hard to believe what would happen if the technique of responsive web design was not developed. Nowadays, Responsive web design is said to be web design as they have the same meaning today. The rise of responsive design happens when a user likes quick response from the website, mobile-friendly website and less time to open or load the website.

Mobile Friendly website is a very important and common topic nowadays because it has a better user interface. In 2018, the user of the smartphone is around 52.2% globally, who uses the internet through there smartphones.



6. Chatbots

Chatbots are the future of customer service. The benefits of chatbots are cost-effective, high efficiency and most important automation! Chatbots are adopted to make a delightful experience with the customers through artificial intelligence.

The chats will be a more mobile-no person to person contact but more collaboration at the same time, better, faster, and digital chats will attract more customer. AI has become very popular and daily used as Siri by iPhone users and Google Assistant by Android Users. It has overcome modern machines by controlling them through user’s voice by devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and others. They are capable of generating more support, sales, marketing, and network.


7. More Tools, Less Coding

Designers use lots of tools to create stunning and responsive mobile-friendly website. WordPress, Joomla, Wix are some of the most popular tools for web designing. These tools are used because there is no problem of coding in this. A beginner can also come and make a stunning website through these websites.

In the future, we might see more effective tools while creating a pleasant website. The user interface will also increase with new looks and content which will eventually generate more traffic and sales for the business.

The future of web design is not about what we can do but it is more about what we should do. With the evolution in technology, designers should make more creative and user-friendly website for more positive customers response.


What’s your idea?

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